Welcome to my stupid imagination. As I'm typing this, I'm currently on the "Good Sh*t". This is Stilchshinn Rowald Joseph Tibay own madness brought to fruition.

A few warnings:

I'm an idiot that tries to sound smart.

Excessive profanity.

Ayaw ko bumagsak.

The Slayer Mythos: Bakunawa

The date is February 30,2016. Only days before the fated eating of the 7 Moons by the dragon Bakunawa, the three current Philippine Slayers committed suicide for reasons unknown. Their students, the Three Slayer candidates Kimchi Garcia, Sylta Gomez, and Adobo Smith are now thrust into their masters duties. There is still hope with the help of the Slayer Eskalade McTsiodaz. Can they stop Bakunawa from ending the world and solve the mysteries behind their masters deaths?

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